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백일기념일 ♥

By lydialing · October 3, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Since it was a special day for my special someone, hence this post is specially dedicated to you  :)
It was a beautiful day indeed. Nice weather and nice environment for our 100th day .

Thank you for asking me to go on a picnic with you, it was our first time going on a picnic together aye ? :)
Although it was only both of us, but James, it was heaps of fun :)  Seriously and honestly telling .
Thank you for preparing and cooking the food all by yourself. The taste was VERY THE satisfying . hehhh :D
Thank you for holding such a big tradtional picnic basket all around the place , and NO ,
it wasn't embarassing at all.

Thank you for being crazy and lame with me. Oh well, we're just retarded like that :) 
Thank you for maintaining your energy level high and never whinge about you're tired and stuff like that eventhough I knew you were tired .
Thank you for being the mostly-full-time-photographer of the day , you took lotsa awesome picturess boyfriend :)
Thank you for the speech you gave me, it was heart touching  ♥
Ahhh, I just couldn't thank you enough .

It was great looking at your funny expressions while you were eating ,
It was great singing together with you,
It was great listening to you singing for me,
It was great camwhoring with you ,
It was great shivering in the cold with you,
It was great taking the bus and train with you , .....and so on.

Every part of the day was just TOOO BEAUTIFUL like that * with the indian accent*  HAHAHAHAHA. Its funny when you do it :P

I asked you whether are your ready for the challenge , so here you go, this is the challenge I'm talking about :






<span style="color: #dd5e70;">你会发觉你的存在真的为我的每一天添上了许多色彩。












我爱你 ♥



Free chinese tutoring , HAHAHAHAHA *wink wink wink* .

take your time okay :)

Alright, I'm done with the post and lastly.

I love you, my noobiest boyfriend  ♥


All ready for a picnic ! YAYYY :D

Our nom nom nom nom food :D

The boyfriend and me :)

The constipated look :p being forced to eat the food I made aye :P HAHAHAHAH
"I don't need to visit Diva anymore " HAHAHAHA

credits to boyfriend :)








Heartbeat .

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It's time to update my blog again :)

I just returned from camp and yes, it's a worth going camp. I learned a lot and I felt that Im more closer to God now, Praise the Lord :)
Attended friend's party last friday and celebrated third month anniversary with the boyfriend , it was heaps of funnnn drawing on his face heh !
Cooked chicken rice on Monday for the very first time, it wasn't that good, but he likes it, so all good :P 
One more week of holidays,  looking forward to hangout with friends and family .
Alright, I guess thats it . Have a pleasant day and all the best to those who are having exams currently in malaysia ! <3






p.s: Talk to me when you're back home okay ? :)  You know who you are , nubbread . HEH :D

Looking through your heart.

By lydialing · September 22, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

HELLO :) YES, I'm officially having my term break now , hence, its time to revive my blog again . September is coming to an end,  and I can say it was a crazy month. Not saying its bad, it was pretty interesting actually because it was filled with heaps of ups and downs, happy and sorrows etc. I had a really tight schedule this month because I had dance practices almost everyday for 3 weeks straight and I stay up very late at night to catch up with my studies. Also, there were also school events,church events, family and birthday dinners in between these days. This is also the month where I started to realise and learn a lot, ahh.. those deep moments , memorable indeed :)  Okay, lets summed it all up by looking at pictures ! ( credits to: Willabelle and my own camera )

31082010 - Metros


14092010- The boyfriend's sweet sixteen :)

18092010- SFAS  :)

Family dinners :)


Okay yeah , done summerising, I can't wait for Saturday to come :)  its time to show some "makeup skills" MUAHAHAHHA :)

Alright, will update when I update :P  goodnight xxxx !

Fairytales do exist ♥

By lydialing · July 26, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Hello there , I suddenly have the urge to blog , and this type of "urge" does not come easily :p

I should start off from Saturday, 24/07/2010

I went out with boyfriend to celebrate our first month anniversary. It was meant to be on 25th, but it was a Sunday and Sunday is normally the busiest day in a week , so yeah , we celebrated a day earlier :)  We went Carousel for lunch and movie . Had Japanese curry for lunch and apparently , it tastes quite good :) Thank you boyfriend , for the treat . ( You better remember our deal alright ) .We spend quite some time eating lunch , as I ate quite slow + we talked while eating. Hehhhh . After lunch we went to watch this :

Thank you boyfriend , for watching this with me
even I know you didn't plan to watch it at the very beginning ♥

The movie ended around 5 :15 , so we took the bus home , but I asked boyf to go to the park with me as I have something to give him :)

I didnt know by that time , the sky would be so dark already and I have to read sth to him , but jeng jeng jeng , James Junior ( boyfriend's iPod touch LOL), saved the day :). I made a book for him , and ofcourse , I wrote our very own chapter 1 in it . Well ,boyfriend , I know it wasnt much at all , but I'm glad and super happy that you loved it . Heh :)  Yeah , so thats basically what happened on that day .

Now, I'll blog about 25/07/2010

As usual , it's a Sunday morning , I went church , choir practice and disciple class. After all my things were done , I realised I have extra time for the evening. So we went for a short walk and there was where all the lovely things started . The boyfriend asked me to meet him at the park at 5.00 . So I took a nap at 4 15 and I set my alarm at 4.45 , and I was out from house at 4.50. I didn't know the park was THAT close to my house , so I reached there 5 minutes earlier. As he was not there yet, I wanted to play with the swing and jeng jeng jeng , I saw a note on the swing. Ahhh , it was from boyfriend :) There is where the "game" begun. Each hints was followed by another hint , and lastly , it leads me to a bouquet of roses and a letter . Boyfriend started walking in from far far away and I was like... awwwwwwwh , this is so sweet of him :)   But seriously, I was so so so happy in the inside. Like superrr happy and touched . It was a beautiful day indeed . I know I've said this like millions of time and I don't care whether you'll get sicked of this or not ,but yeah , Thank you so so much boyfriend , I love you ♥     Thank you for making everyday so awesome , and I'm sure there will be more anniversaries to come :)

You wanna play a game ? Bring it on nubbread . HEH .



Ahhhhhh , fairytales do exist :)

Alright , Im done blogging , gotta go now . BYEEEEEEE , GOD BLESS you all :)   xxxx



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